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                  Important Sentinel Parent Announcement

Sentinel students 

Scenarios during HL Hybrid Plan 

Sentinel in Person / HL remote

If you are a bus rider, you will be picked up in the morning at your house and taken to HL where you will be assigned a location to be able to sign into your chromebook and complete work. If you can find a ride to HL, the bus will leave for Sentinel at its regular scheduled time set up by the transportation department.

Sentinel In Person /  HL in Person

If you are a bus rider, you will be picked up in the morning at your house and attend your classes at HL and the bus will take you to Sentinel at normal time.

Sentinel Remote / HL in person 

If you are a bus rider, you will be picked up in the morning at your house and attend your classes at HL.  Once you are done with your morning classes at HL and if you drive or have a ride home, you must have a letter from your guardian signed and dated on file in the office to be able to release your child.   If you do not have that documentation you will be assigned a location at HL where you will be able to 

Sentinel Remote / HL Remote 

No bussing needed.

First Day For Students Has Moved to Wednesday September 9th.  All CCP classes will work on the college schedule and Chieftain Academy will be available to begin tomorrow.
Vaccination Requirements for
12th and 7th grade- 
The Ohio Department of Health now requires an immunization for students to begin their 12th grade school year.  The Meningococcal vaccine (meningitis-MCV4) is required to be administered after the age of 16 to meet the state law requirement.  
The Ohio Department of Health also requires two additional vaccines for 7th grade students.  The Tdap shot (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis) and the Meningococcal vaccine (meningitis-MCV4) are now required to begin the 7th grade.  
Documentation for these vaccines being administered must be turned into the office by September 2 for your student to continue attending classes.  Please contact the office if you have any questions. 
Please take a moment to look at some opening announcements for the upcoming school year.  
8th Grade Information  
 The link below will take you to the online scheduling system to set up conference times with your students teachers:







Daily Bell Schedule                                         (2) Two-Hour Delay Schedule

Period                                                              Period                         

1          8:00 – 8:46                                          1          10:00 – 10:17

2          8:49 – 9:35                                          2          10:20 – 10:37

3          9:38 –10:23                                         3          10:40 – 10:57

4          10:26 –11:11                                       4          11:00– 11:16  

5A       Lunch  11:11-11:41                             5A       Lunch  11:19-11:49    

5B        Class    11:44 – 12:34                          5B        Class    11:52-12:37

5A       Class    11:14-12:04                             5A       Class    11:19-12:04

5B        Lunch  12:04 – 12:34                          5B        Lunch 12:07-12:37

6          12:37 –1:23                                         6          12:40 – 1:25

7          1:26 – 2:12                                          7          1:28 –2:13

8          2:15 –3:00                                           8          2:16 – 3:00


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